A certain new club in town is suddenly everywhere. It has, seemingly overnight, become the place to be.
It’s where all artists are currently going to shoot their videos, it’s where companies are holding their launches and promotions, and it’s where all the hip parties seem to be these days.
The center of the clubbing universe in our little town has moved from downtown to the ‘burbs (no prizes for guessing the club I am referring to), and it’s no coincidence that the move happened around the same time that two certain promoters moved.
Every business runs on the efforts of the little people. Yes, the CEOs and bosses are important and crucial (they are, after all, the money people), but it is often the work of the behind-the-scenes people that keep a business chugging along.
In the entertainment business, these  are the managers, the promoters, booking agents, agent, public relations people, and so forth.  They don’t always get the attention they deserve, but this recent club migration just made me think about how crucial these people are. If you own a business, never forget the little people.


Mister Deejay